The Republican Party was set up in 1854. This new party was anti-slavery and believed that the modernization of the USA depended on expanding the railroad and industrial sectors of the united states, enhancing the banking system, and providing higher education to its citizens. In addition to these plans this new party wanted to give farmers free homesteads.

Politicians were wooed from one to another party; democrat. Both parties used promises to out and out bribery and senate seats to entice dominant politicians to join their party. These politicians were understood to flip flop back and forth always in this time period.

The very first national Republican convention was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in February 1856. Even in the Northeastern section of the nation and the northern Midwest the brand new party revealed a strong following with a command presence in defeat.

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican President of the United States of America. His second term came into a halt in 1865 when he was assassinated. Below Ulysses S Grant’s direction who served two terms as President of the United States of America the republican party was from 1869 to 1877.

The Republican party is the second oldest political party in the United States. From the Nixon and Eisenhower years the party was controlled by an ultra traditional component. The party started tending into a more reasonable conservative from 1960 to1980 adopting the perspectives of then Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Interesting to notice that Rockefeller was elected by his party to take the place of Vice President of the U.S. when President Nixon was impeached and Vice President Gerald Ford took over as the nation’s leader.

There is an element inside the party that call themselves progressive who consider, as those progressives in the Democratic party, that government should be headed by professional politicians in the elite class. Themselves also consider that government on a federal level should play a dominate roll in our society and lives.

Our country is made on liberty. Independence to select freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and our destiny is a lifestyle in our country. Whether a democratic or republican party is ruling our country it’s the American public by voting their conscience, who will determine the trail of our nation, a liberty that all Americans have, the liberty to select.

We hear that the Republican’s brand is not alive. We discover that everybody is running from the Republican Party and the Republican Party is severely damaged. Of course, when we hear this it’s usually a Democrat and that observation is being made by them from a specific quite narrow view that best suits their political wishes.

Political wishes that may not be the very best for our country in fact. There was nothing wrong with Ronald Reagan, or Republican for that matter leaning. Over and over again that Republican-Party is expiring has been erroneously stated by the media.

Well, it certainly isn’t dead yet, and every day, I speak to folks who are either borderline or conservative democrat socialists. So there are a heck of lots of individuals around with all the old-fashioned mindset plus they are currently alive and kicking is definitely alive . So when you hear someone inquire;

Nothing Actually; there is not anything wrong with it. The fundamental principles stand it works, plus it is a really good contrast to the new Socialist movement we find in our nation. Does not mean the media is just because it says that the party is down and out. The democrats spent $700 million, that’s more than every other election in the annals of the planet should you will remember during the effort to elect Barrack Obama.

The Democrats basically bought the media, and since the American individuals have given their minds it worked, just as they had intended. The media to cover their tracks continues to support Brock Obama and tell us how amazing he’s. That is all wonderful and good probably not bad for the masses to support the direction, but about the time they start telling us the Republican Party is dead is in regards to the time that I begin laughing back at them.

Exactly why could it be so problematic for the Republican Party to draw more Hispanics and Blacks or for that matter other minority groups? From early childhood, politics has played a big part in the lives of numerous minority groups. Many have grown up believing misconceptions about Republicans in general. When you hear this type of drastic and simplistic description as a mature individual, you have the ability to investigate and produce your own personal opinion, as to whether such a naive statement is bogus or accurate. If you are very young, nevertheless, you don’t have that ability and so you grow up believing that in order for there to be equality in your life, you have to be a Democrat and support all. In addition, at quite a early age you tend to believe what your parents consider and so continues the chain of livelihood Democrats from within these groups. The Party will continue to perpetuate the myth, to maintain a solid voting block that these groups can depend on to keep them in power also so that you can make them more dependent on government social systems.

One more thing that combines these groups is the ability and need to identify with one another. In sports for instance, It could be an athlete’s skin’s color which will create the groups’ base or ethnicity. As a young kid, I recall watching sporting events on T.V. and everyone would always root for the underdog, which in our scenario was the Hispanic or the darker skin athlete. The underdog mentality takes over regardless of whether or not the man they’re rooting for is an adequate the higher sportsman or a dreadful person. This carries over into politics also, too many will vote for someone just because of their ethnic heritage or the colour of their skin, as opposed to the substance of the message or what they stand for. I have a neighbor who happens to be a registered Republican as well as African American. A few years ago he solicited me to be active. This was a person who believed firmly in the Republican core values of small government, free market system, the freedom to achieve the American dream etc. It was a surprise to me when I saw Barack Obama signs throughout the 2008 presidential campaign on his yard. This is a perfect example of how powerful this group identity thing really is. If the nominee might have been Hispanic, we likely would have had similar consequences.

The Democratic party has consistently derived votes and their power from larger government plans and from a society that’s dependent on them. The fear of losing all the “free stuff” they’re accustomed to receiving each year, is something which the Democratic Party proceeds to rely on for their votes. The bad guys who want to take away all these things are fortifying their base by continuing to depict the Republicans as them.